Neal Stephenson Interview: Can Science Fiction Help Solve Our Biggest Problems?


MC: Well, you probably did an important job of asking questions, significantly anyone like Neal, who we have all been studying his books since we have been youngsters. And as you mentioned, his philosophy has type of permeated our every day lives, whether or not or not we notice it. It have to be type of cool to interview anyone who’s like absolutely wormed their approach within your mind.

AR: Oh, properly, that is an entire different factor. I imply, sure. Not solely have I learn all … People ask me whether or not I just like the ebook or whether or not I believe the ebook is sweet. And the one factor I can reply is, “I can’t answer that,” as a result of there is not any … What am I going to do? Not learn it? I’ve learn each one in every of his books since 1992. I nonetheless keep in mind the second that I, the ebook I confirmed him on this interview that I held as much as the digital camera was the copy that I purchased, as a result of I used to be slicing my summer season job to go to the bookstore and picked the factor up. I used to be like, “What’s this?” And you learn. The first 30, 40 pages of Snow Crash are a few of the finest … It’s among the best leads within the historical past of science fiction.

It’s like, “What the hell’s this?” And I’ve learn ever since that. It’s like when folks ask me whether or not I believe the brand new season of Dr. Who was any good or one thing? Well, what am I going to … there is not any reply. I’m not going to not watch it. So it does not actually matter. I do not know if it may be for you, but it surely’s for me.

And in actual fact, Neal was one of many first science fiction writers I ever interviewed once I was simply beginning out as a journalist. I used to be speaking to science fiction writers about type of the tradition of nerdiness that was getting constructed within the 90s. He was one of many first folks I used to be so excited to get the decision. So it was type of, God, I used to be about to say it type of ebook ended my profession. I hope that is not proper.

MC: Well, we hope you stick round just a little bit longer.

LG: Yeah. I really feel like what you have simply described is targets for this podcast too, that individuals are, “Well, what am I going to do?” Now take heed to it.

AR: Yeah, how would that work?

LG: It’s Neal Stephenson with Adam Rogers and Michael Calore, and that Lauren particular person. We must hear.

AR: I do not see folks determining how you can not take heed to this. No.

MC: All proper. Well, we do must take heed to it. So we will take a break. And once we come again from the break, we will hear Adam speaking to creator Neal Stephenson recorded at RE:WIRED earlier this month.


AR: Hi, welcome to a different session on RE:WIRED. I’m Adam Rogers, senior correspondent on the publication, the journal and the web site. And I’m delighted to welcome one in every of my favourite science fiction writers, Neal Stephenson. Thank you for being with us, Neal, we actually for admire it.


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